cSvn-UI for SVN Repositories

cGit-UI – is a web interface for Subversion (SVN) Repositories. cSvn CGI script is writen in C and therefore it's fast enough

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 From the moment when the **cSvn** package was split into two, so as do not produce
 unnecessary entities, **cSvn-ui** depends on the **cScm** package. Therefore, before
 installing **cSvn-ui**, you have to install and configure
-[**cScm Configuration Daemon**](https://csvn.radix.pro/cscm/trunk/README.md).
+[**cScm Configuration Daemon**](https://csvn.radix.pro/scm-tools/cscm/trunk/README.md).
 To use **cSvn-ui** a web server must be installed and configured on the system. We recommend
 the [Nginx](https://nginx.org/en/) with [uWsgi](https://uwsgi-docs.readthedocs.io/en/latest/)
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 To obtain sources we have to checkout its from SVN repository:
-svn checkout svn://radix.pro/csvn-ui/tags/csvn-ui-0.1.3 csvn-ui-0.1.3
+svn checkout svn://radix.pro/scm-tools/csvn-ui/tags/csvn-ui-0.1.3 csvn-ui-0.1.3
 and run the bootstrap script:
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 ## Configuring SVN Repositories
 A detailed description of the configuration file format can be found in the
-[**csvn-ui.rc(5)**](https://csvn.radix.pro/csvn-ui/trunk/doc/csvn-ui.rc.5.md) manual page:
+[**csvn-ui.rc(5)**](https://csvn.radix.pro/scm-tools/csvn-ui/trunk/doc/csvn-ui.rc.5.md) manual page:
 man 5 csvn-ui.rc
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 ## See Also
-> [**cscmd(8)**](https://csvn.radix.pro/cscm/trunk/doc/cscmd.8.md), 
-> [**csvn-ui.rc(5)**](https://csvn.radix.pro/csvn-ui/trunk/doc/csvn-ui.rc.5.md)
+> [**cscmd(8)**](https://csvn.radix.pro/scm-tools/cscm/trunk/doc/cscmd.8.md), 
+> [**csvn-ui.rc(5)**](https://csvn.radix.pro/scm-tools/csvn-ui/trunk/doc/csvn-ui.rc.5.md)
 ## Copyright and License