Build System

Build System is designed to build distributions of different operating systems for a set of target devices.

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 The fundamental principle of **Build System** is described in the
 [Build System Internals]( section and
-in the [doc/PRINCIPLE*](doc/ files of this repository.
+in the [doc/PRINCIPLE*]( files of this repository.
 ## Table of contents
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 * [Quick start](#quick-start)
 * [Documentation](#documentation)
-* [Community](#community)
-* [Creators](#creators)
 ## Quick start
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 $ cd project
-Clone the **build system** repository:
+Checkout the **build system** repository:
-$ git clone
+$ svn checkout svn://
 At this stage we do not want to create a new package from scratch and consider a complete package from
-[Radix Platform]( repository. Let it be **pkgtool**. The **pkgtool** -
+[Radix Platform]( repository. Let it be **pkgtool**. The **pkgtool** -
 is a base package which does not require the downloading any sources as they already present in the
 **build system**. In addition, **pkgtool** does not depend on any packages in the system and we
 already have all needed tools presented on the developer's machine.
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 So, to obtain the necessary files we have to check out */base* directory from repository:
-$ svn co base
+$ svn co svn:// base
 Let's change current directory to *base/pkgtool*:
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 in the [Build System]( section.
-## Community
-Get updates on **Build System**'s development and chat with the project maintainers and community members.
-* Read and subscribe to [The Official Blog](
-* Follow [@RadixPlatform on Twitter](
-* Read and subscribe to [The Official Facebook page](
-* Join [The Official VKontakte group](
-* Read and subscribe to [The Official Google+ page](
-* Read and follow [The Official Tumblr blog](
 ## Versioning
 For transparency into our release cycle and in striving to maintain backward compatibility,
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 See [the Versioning section]( on the main
 []( site.
-Release announcement posts will be available on [the Official Blog]( and
-on the [Community](#community) sites.
-## Creators
-**Andrey V. Kosteltsev**
-* <>
-* <>
-* <>
 ## Copyright and license
 Code and documentation copyright 2009-2017 Andrey V. Kosteltsev.
-Code and documentation released under [the **** License](LICENSE).
+Code and documentation released under [the **** License](